Throughout this somewhat unreal lockdown period that has been implemented to stay safe and protect others from the spread of the Covid-1...

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Throughout this somewhat unreal lockdown period that has been implemented to stay safe and protect others from the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, over on Instagram and Twitter Invisible Bordeaux has been filling the void by publishing random photos taken over the years in and around the city, and sometimes beyond. Some have already featured on the blog, others have just been sitting on my hard drive. There's no major underlying theme, they're just photos that possibly deserved to be dusted down and put out there! So here are the first ten photos that were published.  

The first picture shows Place Pey-Berland in central Bordeaux, with Saint-André cathedral, Palais Rohan city hall, and a very menacing cloudy sky! Below we have an unusual view of a railway line and tunnel in Lormont, as seen from Pont d'Aquitaine suspension bridge.

Then it's over to Saint-Jean-d'Illac for this close-up, sunny-day view of a tall forest observation tower.

Back into central Bordeaux to one of the city's oldest cul-de-sacs, impasse de Rue-neuve, as formerly featured on the blog.

Over to the right bank of the Garonne to view a case study in functionalist architectural designs, the Caserne des Pompiers de la Benauge fire station

Next we head south along the Atlantic coast to the Landes département and l'estacade de Capbreton, a jetty which was in a serious state of disrepair and closed last year, but I believe it has since been given an overhaul and will be a great place to head back to when this is all over!

Back into central Bordeaux to see the archetypal form of housing: the low-rise terraced "échoppe", which was also treated to its own blog article. These two are a great study in near-perfect symmetry! 

This panoramic photo shows the small square on rue Chabrely in the Bastide quarter of Bordeaux, including the 1896 statue of celebrated local general practitioner Dr Édouard Chabrely, the subject of one of my favourite blog investigations. This picture taken way back in 2014 and the telephone box is no longer there...

This is a “repère de nivellement” to be spotted on Cours d’Albret in Bordeaux, i.e. a benchmark that displays altitude levels and is used by surveyors or anybody generally interested in how high up they are. There are hundreds to be spotted throughout the Metropole on buildings, bridges and landmarks and, guess what, they are all documented on a website:

And we finish off this first selection with a delightful out-of-order escalator in the Mériadeck district of Bordeaux. Coincidentally, the latest French-language Invisible Bordeaux podcast is all about Mériadeck, make sure you've given it a a listen! 

> Second selection of random archive photos coming soon! 
> Ce dossier est également disponible en français !

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