People who go googling for “free walking tours of Bordeaux” can rejoice: the four walking tours conceived by Invisible Bordeaux are now a...

Invisible Bordeaux guided walking tours now available as free PDF downloads

People who go googling for “free walking tours of Bordeaux” can rejoice: the four walking tours conceived by Invisible Bordeaux are now available as free PDF downloads.

The tours, which were previously available as applications for iPhones and iPads, aim to provide visitors (and locals!) with interesting itineraries through the city that take in a host of sights of architectural, historical and cultural significance.

Four tours are currently available:

The Essential Bordeaux tour provides a fifteen-stop tour of the sights that have to be seen by any self-respecting visitor, giving the full background story to postcard-friendly places such as the Grand Théâtre, Place de la Bourse, the Miroir d’Eau, Place Pey-Berland and Esplanade des Quinconces. 

The Secret Sights tour uncovers some of the more curious, less visible and lesser-known sights and stories in the city. These include Cour Mably, Utopia Saint-Siméon, the Grosse Cloche clock and its solar equation dial, Place Fernand-Lafargue and Hôtel Saint-François.

The Elegant Bordeaux tour explores the fine architecture, chic streets, peaceful market squares and magnificent churches of the Chartrons and Saint-Seurin districts. Sights include CAPC, the Maisons Hollandaises, Marché des Chartrons, Statue of Liberty and Palais Gallien. 

The Right Bank tour lifts the lid on the underexplored streets and sights to be enjoyed across the Pont de Pierre. Stops include the former Alcazar theatre, the botanic gardens, the Maison Cantonale, the statue of Toussaint Louverture and the city’s first railway station, Gare d’Orléans. 

More detailed information and links to the interactive iDevice versions of the tours can be found on sister website Bordeaux Walks. Meanwhile, a fifth tour is currently in the pipeline, and will take in the lively Place de la Victoire, Capucins and Saint-Michel districts. More news as it comes in!



  1. Really useful series of pdf guides for anyone visiting Bordeaux. Learnt quite a few gems from the secret sights tour guide as it provides you with a great insight into the city's history and best spots. I found this website which is a great addition to the content provided in these guides. Love Bordeaux and Aquitaine region, Best part of France!

  2. Wow! What a Nice blog. Really much more helpful for those who want to go for a trip to Bordeaux. Last year I had gone for a trip to France with my friends. And from there with the help of we go to Bordeaux, which is mainly famous for wine tour,tasting and bike tour. We enjoyed a lot there and really the journey is memorable. Thanks a lot.

  3. Looking for country or coastal walks around Bordeaux, within bus or train reach.
    Any webs? Thnx, dc

  4. Hi, just checked, the PDF files seem to be functioning properly. Country walks: either the Médoc wine-growing area near Pauillac (reachable by train) or around Créon in the Entre-deux-Mers area. Coastal walks: Arcachon Bay near Le Teich (train) or else Lège or Audenge (bus). Most stunning scenery along northern bank of Gironde estuary, from Bourg to Blaye and beyond... but more difficult to get to by public transport.

  5. Hi Tim- Love site and thanks for all the valuable information.

    Did the Secret Sights tour yesterday and have a little feedback.
    #1 I couldn’t find anywhere. Perhaps it’s been moved?
    #4 Cour Mably was locked. Perhaps not open on weekends?
    #10 Hotel Saint-Francois - the builder now has a head! Looks as if it was recently renovated. I did not see the other statues mentioned.
    #11 The archway is gated- one can still see the mansion house but the view is partially obscured.

    Hope you find this helpful! -Alex Ward

    1. H i there Alex and thanks for that valuable input! It all goes to show that nothing ever quite stands still and that those 2014 documents do need a bit of a spring clean.
      #1 Will check soon but am 99% sure that the milestone is still in position although there has been substantial work on that square.
      #4 Cour Mably locked is a case of misfortune I think and [puts detective cap on] may be because it was May 1st and everything comes to a bit of a standstill as far as public property/services are concerned.
      #10 The builder regained his head a couple of years ago... although I must admit I preferred the more enigmatic headless figure! The building has been given a great makeover though.
      #11 Shame about the archway gate being closed - usually there's a bit of movement and it's possible to creep inside!
      Right, will have to edit those master files... Whatever, am glad they're still being used!