You may have just finished exploring the first set of clocks compiled by Invisible Bordeaux . But still there are more, starting with this...

The clocks of Bordeaux 2/3

You may have just finished exploring the first set of clocks compiled by Invisible Bordeaux. But still there are more, starting with this lovely timepiece to be seen at Barrière Saint-Genès.
This clock gave its name to the café that it presides over: Café de l'Horloge.
The main façade of Saint-Jean station comprises three identical clocks. Thankfully, they are all reassuringly on time. 
Inside the station proper, two magnificent clocks watch over proceedings at all times.
In the station concourse, this pragmatic, minimalist Bodet clock enables travellers to time things down to the very last second.
Another Bodet clock can be seen on Cours Victor-Hugo above the entrance to a Carrefour Market on a building still known to many as la Maison Dorée.
A Bodet design has also been embedded into the exterior of the Palais de Justice on Place de la République. This clock is currently out of order.
This classic clock is to be seen outside Palais Rohan, the city hall.
This more minimalist affair can be seen atop the Caisse d'Épargne building on Place Paul-Doumer.
Taking minimalism one step further is this clock on the corner of the Bourse du Travail building on Cours Aristide-Briand. The clock is currently frozen in time.
Also currently out of order is this clock on the municipal library building opposite Capucins food market.
Another clock which has stopped is on Sainte-Eulalie church.
Crazy building, crazy clock. There was never going to be anything conventional about the timepiece on the Bastide quarter's Maison Cantonale!
Sacré-Cœur church's steeples feature not one but two clocks. The 24-hour dial on the left was designed so that railway workers living in the vicinity instantly knew whether it was AM or PM. The 24-hour clock, which has already been featured on the blog, is functioning perfectly: it was 09:10 when I was there.
And we'll finish up on Place Stalingrad and a clock that got away, but which is clearly visible bottom right, which shows the Alcazar music hall theatre in the early 1900s. Time's up!
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All of those lovely clocks have also been stuck back-to-back in this short motion picture. Sit back and enjoy!

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